Hallo Basel answers your questions about moving to Basel

Sometimes you need more than an internet page…

There is much information on the internet about moving to Switzerland and getting to know Basel. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it is easy to find it and apply it.

Hallo Basel helps you

Sometimes you need more than an internet page. 

Sometimes you need to be able to talk to someone and ask your questions.

Sometimes, you need someone to go with you to a place and explain how it works.

Sometimes, you need someone to translate a letter for you and tell you what it means. Or maybe you just want to verify if you understand something correctly.

Hallo Basel is a friend for your journey.

Hallo Basel is a group of volunteers offering to help you settle in. We are either Swiss or we are foreigners who once had to find our way and settle in.

We are people with experience.

If you need more than just information but want someone to talk to or someone to walk with you, then click the button below to fill in this form. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can. We’ll connect you with a real person.

Some limitations   There are many things we can help with but, of course, there are limitations. For example, if you need some general direction about taxes, or where to find information about taxes then we can help you. However, if you need very specific or expert advice on something complicated, then you would need a professional tax consultant.

What we can certainly do is help you to know where to look for information or where to find helpful contacts. We can also make you aware of any things to think about and share tips.

Hallo BAsel answers your questions about living in Basel

Have Questions About Living in Basel?

If you have questions, Hallo Basel we can point you to the answers.

Ask us a question and we will call or email you back, completely free of charge. No strings attached. Simply a helping hand from those a few steps ahead on a similar journey.